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Apply for a car title loan in Arkansas

Arkansas has experienced economic fluctuations since the market crash of 2008, and its unemployment rate hovers around the national average. Additionally, factors like seasonal weather patterns and natural disasters can have a negative impact on the state's economic outlook. Consequently, residents of Arkansas may occasionally find themselves facing financial difficulties.

During times of financial distress or when burdened with debt, car title loans offer a convenient and speedy solution. These loans provide temporary relief, allowing borrowers the opportunity to address their financial situation. In line with Arkansas's unique characteristics and abundant natural beauty, even boats can serve as collateral in the state.

Moreover, borrowers are still able to drive their vehicles while the loan agreement is in effect. It is also worth noting that individuals with bad credit can still apply for car title loans in Arkansas.

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We make applying for Arkansas title loans easy.


Applying for car title loans online shouldn't be difficult. Complete our simple online application and enter basic information about yourself and your vehicle. Once you're pre-approved, one of our friendly experts will contact you.


Titlelo will assess your needs and match you with the best lender in your area. Once you've accepted the terms and conditions of your lender, we'll help you gather everything you need to make the process simple and swift.


Visit your local title lender and bring your title, ID, and any other required documents. Review and sign your loan documents and get the cash you need instantly. Drive away with your car and get back to what matters in your life.

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How title loans benefit Arkansanss

Arkansas has implemented regulations that prioritize the safety and convenience of title loans, making it a favorable option for Arkansans. With Arkansas title loans, borrowers are safeguarded against high interest rates. They also receive sufficient notice and time before any repossession actions are taken. 

In fact, borrowers are granted a 30-day window after the maturity date to arrange for repossession, as outlined by the law. Furthermore, borrowers are entitled to a printed title loan agreement that comprehensively outlines all the loan details.

Taking all these factors into account, title loans present an appealing solution for concerned Arkansans. They are easily accessible, streamlined in their processing, and protected by the state's regulations. When applying for title loans in Arkansas, borrowers only need to provide proof of income and proper identification. Compared to other alternatives, title loans offer a brief respite for borrowers facing financial worries.

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How Do Online Title Loans in Arkansas Work?

Online title loans in Arkansas operate similarly to traditional title loans. However, the key difference is the convenience of the online application process. Once you submit your online application, the lender will evaluate the value of your vehicle and determine the loan amount you qualify for.

If approved, you will need to provide the necessary documentation, such as your ID, car title, and proof of income. After completing the documentation process, the lender will disburse the funds into your bank account. Remember, you can continue driving your car during the loan period as long as you make timely payments.

Qualification Requirements for Auto Title Loans in Arkansas

To qualify for an auto title loan in Arkansas, you must meet certain requirements:

  • Be 18 or older: You need to be at least 18 years old and possess a valid government-issued ID.

  • Own the title to a qualifying car in your name: The vehicle used as collateral should be fully paid off and in your name. What’s more, it needs to be in a condition good enough to have a market value meeting the lender’s requirements. It will be essential to submit the vehicle’s title as collateral to the lender, and they will keep it up to a point when you pay off the loan completely.

  • Have proof of income: The lender must be sure you will have sufficient funds to pay off the loan, so they require proof of income. However, it doesn’t have to be a full-time job - if you get consistent earnings from another source and you can prove it, that’s also fine.

Documents Needed to Apply for a Title Loan in Arkansas

When applying for a title loan in Arkansas, you will need to provide certain documents. Most lenders require the following:

  • Verification of income: You can provide bank statements, tax returns, pay stubs or similar documents, but you need to confirm regular earnings

  • Proof of address: You have to confirm your current address in Arkansas with such documents as a lease agreement, a utility bill, a recent credit card statement, or a bank statement.

  • Recent photos of the vehicle: A lender needs to make sure that your car fits their minimum market requirements, so you should provide accurate, clear, and valid photos.

  • Government-issued photo ID: To confirm your identity, you need your state-issued ID or, alternatively - your passport or driver’s license.

What If the Vehicle's Title Isn't in Your Name?

If the vehicle's title is not in your name, you cannot use it as collateral for a title loan in Arkansas. The title must be in your name to establish legal ownership of the vehicle. However, if you are in the process of transferring the title, you may still be eligible for a title loan. Consult with your lender to discuss alternative options or, if possible, wait until the title is officially transferred to your name.

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Bad Credit Arkansas Car Title Loan

Facing financial challenges with bad credit can make it challenging to obtain traditional financing. However, in Arkansas, a title loan offers a solution regardless of your credit score. Since your vehicle serves as collateral, no credit check is necessary. Regardless of your financial history, anyone who fully owns their car may qualify for a title loan in Arkansas. This type of loan can be a great help during times of financial hardship when other options for obtaining funds may not be available.

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How Much Cash You Can Expect from a Car Title Loan

When considering a car title loan in Arkansas, eligible borrowers can typically receive a loan amount ranging from 25% to 50% of their vehicle's assessed value. To illustrate, let's assume the market value of your vehicle is $5,000; in this case, lenders may offer you a loan amount of anywhere between $1,250 and $2,500. It's important to remember that the specific loan amount can vary based on additional factors such as your income and the policies of a particular lender.

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Laws Regulating and Protecting Borrowers from Car Title Loans in Arkansas

Arkansas has specific laws and regulations in place to protect borrowers from unfair practices by title loan lenders. The state law sets a maximum interest rate that lenders can charge, ensuring that borrowers are not subjected to overpriced fees. Additionally, lenders must provide clear and transparent loan terms and conditions, including the repayment schedule and any applicable fees. It is crucial to read and understand such terms of the loan agreement before signing.

Why Choose an Auto Title Loan in Arkansas over Traditional Bank Loans?

There are several reasons why car title loans in Arkansas may be a preferable option over traditional ones. Firstly, the application process for such loans is much simpler and faster, with minimal paperwork and no credit check requirements. This means that you can receive the funds you need quickly, often within a day or two.

Moreover, with TitleLo, you can save even more time because you don’t have to search for and compare all the lenders available in your area to get the best offer - we will take care of it for you!

Additionally, title loans are available to individuals with poor credit or no credit history, which may not be the case with their traditional alternatives. Furthermore, title loans allow you to continue using your vehicle while repaying the loan, providing convenience and flexibility.

Title Loan Interest Rates in Arkansas

It's crucial to carefully review the terms and conditions of any title loan agreement and make sure that the interest rate offered complies with state regulations. According to Arkansas law, the maximum allowable interest rates for title loans are as follows:

  • For loans up to $400: The maximum interest rate is 17% per month.

  • For loans between $400 and $900: The maximum interest rate is 15% per month.

  • For loans over $900: The maximum interest rate is 10% per month.

It's crucial to carefully review the terms and conditions of any title loan agreement and make sure that the interest rate offered complies with state regulations.

It's recommended to compare offers from different lenders to find the most favorable interest rate and terms for your specific needs. However, you don’t have to do it on your own! We have a team of experienced specialists who will provide their professional advice.

How to Choose the Right Car Title Loan Lender in Arkansas

Your vehicle holds significant value, and it's important to ensure that you entrust it to reputable hands. Unfortunately, unscrupulous lenders operate not only in Arkansas but also across the entire United States. At Titlelo, we have established a network of trustworthy lenders throughout Arkansas who offer competitive rates and flexible repayment options. By partnering with these reliable companies, we eliminate any uncertainty and assist you in selecting the right car title loan provider.

You can rest assured that you won't find yourself trapped in an unfavorable or costly loan agreement. Experience the advantages of a flexible approval process and competitive rates. If you require a quick short-term loan with the possibility of same-day funding, Titelo is the right choice for you. Our team is committed to delivering fast, friendly, and professional service. Don't hesitate any longer - contact our team and obtain your car title loan from Titlelo today!

Got questions? We've got answers.

An auto title loan is a short-term loan that uses your vehicle's title as collateral. No credit check is required, and repayment is usually due within 30 days but can be extended with an installment plan if needed. The amount available for you to borrow will depend on the value of your vehicle.

Car title loans are great alternatives to traditional bank loans since they do not require a credit check and can usually be processed much quicker. There are fewer requirements for income, employment, and documentation, and interest rates are lower than unsecured loans.

Other short-term loans, like cash advances and payday loans, can have high-interest rates, additional fees, and strict terms. Auto pawns (not title pawns) are secured short-term advancements, but use your actual vehicle as collateral, rather than just your title.

Title pawns, pink slip loans, auto equity loans, and auto collateral loans are all terms that can be used to describe types of title loans.

Titlelo offers car title loans in twenty-one states. We have partnered with reputable lender with multiple locations across the United States. Although Titlelo is headquartered in Florida, you'll be able to complete the loan process online or with one of many local title loan companies.

Looking for title loan places open on Sundays? We've got you covered. For your convenience, we've also partnered with lenders in your area that are open on the weekends. Never worry about an unexpected emergency again. Visit one of our many partner locations near you to get the help you deserve.

No problem! Title loans are secured loans, which means they use collateral instead of credit history to determine the interest rate. No credit information or sensitive personal information (like your social security number) is required. Apply online with your contact information and a few details about your vehicle and receive instant pre-approval.

The lender may request additional information to process the loan including a valid government-issued ID, your vehicle's title, and proof of income. Income does not have to be regular employment and can include payments from disability, social security, child support, alimony, unemployment, and self-employment.

Some lenders may also wish to see proof of address, car registration, or car insurance. If you prefer not to provide certain documentation, let your Titlelo expert know, and they will match you with a lender with fewer requirements.

The amount of your loan is dependent on the value of your vehicle and loan regulations in your state. Generally, title loans can be approved for amounts as low as $200 to as much as $25,000. To determine the value of your car, the lender will complete an inspection of your vehicle.

Apply online to pre-qualify for a car title loan with only minimal information about your vehicle: make, model, year, and estimated mileage. The expected amount of your title advance may change depending on the condition of your car, as determined by the lender's inspection.

Titlelo will match you with a lender in your state and will help schedule the inspection of your vehicle (either at your location or the lender's). After the review is complete, the value of your car will be finalized in the loan. You may choose to borrow all or some of the approved amount and can receive the funds the same day (if opting for direct deposit).

Yes! Even though your vehicle's title is used as collateral and the loan amount is established by the value of your car, your vehicle will remain in your possession during the entire life of your loan.

Unlike an auto pawn, which requires your actual vehicle as collateral, a lender of a title loan will only request your vehicle's title. Since this is still a big financial decision, you want to be sure to work with a reputable lender. Titlelo will help narrow down your options to a short-list of trustworthy companies that offer competitive rates and realistic terms.

After establishing the value of your vehicle with an inspection by the lender, the loan will be finalized and the funds disbursed. You will continue driving your car to work, school, and to run errands while making payments on your loan. When the loan has been repaid, you will receive your vehicle's title back from the lender.