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What You Need to Know

Vallejo used to be a somewhat sleepy community in the northern region of San Francisco, but today nothing could be further from the truth. Vallejo has seen an explosion in population over the last 20 years. Vallejo today is one of the wealthier communities in San Francisco. However, that doesn’t mean that everyone living there is immune to financial emergencies.

Most borrowers in Vallejo claim to use title loans to cover rental and recurring expenses.

The almost unbelievably high costs of living in this community have led to a major increase in short-term loans and title loans, with those that are making mid to high six figures having to resort to these kinds of loans rather than go with traditional lenders just because of how quickly the cost of living is outpacing their income.

Nearby Locations

Title Loans Express on Georgia Street, Fast Auto Loans on Sonoma Boulevard, and TitleMax on Springs Street are some of the most highly recommended title loan lenders in Vallejo. Fast Auto Loans in particular is seen as one of the best and friendliest organizations around, with customers calling it “the place to get all the cash you need in an hour or two, regardless of your credit score and history”.

Auto Title Loans Vallejo CA

  • Fort Point Auto Title Loans – (707) 563-9530
    204 Sunfish Ct
    Vallejo, CA 94591
  • Fast Auto Loans – (707) 674-5683
    1701 Springs Rd
    Vallejo, CA 94591
  • Montana Capital – (707) 563-9500
    808 Tennessee St
    Vallejo, CA 94590
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About Vallejo

A blue-collar community for sure (right up until the tech boom pushed everyone without a six-figure or higher income out of the area), most of the history of Vallejo has been defined by the Naval community and the maritime history this coastal community was always happy to embrace. The Zodiac killings in the 1960s made Vallejo a household name, and the murders that occurred throughout the 1960s are still unsolved.

Vallejo, CA


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